Professional Resources

Professional resources available at the SCL are seven tenured faculty members from the statistics group within the department of Mathematical Sciences at UTEP (Drs. Leung, Moschopoulos, Rosen, Sha, Staniswalis, Su and Wagler), a medical doctor and epidemiologist (Dr. Ibarra), a psychometrician (Dr. Morera) and a staff statistician (Dr. Jeon). The SCL participating faculty and staff are together uniquely qualified in the proper application of statistical methods. For more information about our faculty visit  the SCL personnel and expertise sections.

Computing Resources

The Statistical Consulting Laboratory has sufficient computing resources to complete most statistical projects. The computing infrastructure includes several Windows-based PC's and a Linux-based multicore server, located at UTEP's Research and Academic Data Center (RADC).

The software available for use in the Statistical Consulting Laboratory include R, SAS,  Mathematica, Minitab and MatLab. The lab utilizes the university's network wired connection and wireless network.

Physical Facilities

The physical facilities of the SCL, located in the north wing of Bell Hall at UTEP, provide space to carry out the statistical consulting and seminar activities of the laboratory. A conference room with a small library area stocked with reference books, a computer lab, and a reception area complete the facilities.

Contact Us

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