Our experts can assist you in a widespread area of statistical applications, including biostatistics, business analytics, machine learning, data mining, geostatistics, bioinformatics, epidemiology, psychometrics, reliability engineering, quality control, survey sampling, population ecology, and environmental statistics.

Core Director of SCL, Associate Professor

Dr. Wagler has expertise in generalized linear models and simultaneous inference of quantities resulting from these models. She has worked on projects which applied generalized linear models employing latent variables for handling complex multivariate data sets.

Adjunct Clinical Affiliate

Dr. Soyoung Jeon

SCL Staff Statistician

Dr. Jeon works at SCL as a statistician to support various statistical consulting services; processing dataset, implementing appropriate statistical models and analyzing results. She has direct knowledge in the data-driven analysis using statistical software such as R, SAS, and SPSS. She has expertise in environmental statistics, extreme value analysis, and spatio-temporal modeling.

Resource Bioinformatician, Professor

Dr. Leung's research centers on probabilistic modeling and statistical bioinformatics, focusing on the applications of Markov models, Poisson approximations, and the scan statistics to biomolecular sequence analysis. Her current research involves the prediction of RNA secondary structures in viral genomes, and posttranslational modification sites in proteins.

Resource Psychometrician, Professor

Dr. Panagis Moschopoulos

Resource Statistician, Professor

Dr. Moschopoulos has extensive consulting experience in academic research and various industries. He has served as an expert witness in major legal cases. Research interests include: statistical inference, linear models, multivariate analysis, bivariate distributions, geometric probability.

Resource Statistician, Professor

Dr. Rosen has been part of the Statistical Consulting Lab since 2005. Research interests include: bayesian computational methods, ecological inference, time series, functional data analysis.

Resource Statistician, Associate Professor

Dr. Sha has been part of the Statistical Consulting Laboratory since 2002. Research interests include: classification and clustering, variable selection technique, bayesian approaches, bioinformatics.

Resource Statistician, Associate Professor

Research interests include: tree-based methods, variable selection, survival analysis, causal inference, machine learning, data mining.