Master of Science in Mathematics

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Mathematics degree is available in both a thesis (recommended) and a non-thesis option.

For students electing the thesis option, the program requires 24 hours of acceptable course work and 6 hours of credit for the thesis. For students not electing to write a thesis, 36 hours of acceptable coursework, including Mathematics 5396, are required. Students must enroll in Mathematics 5195 each semester of residence.

Comprehensive written exams are required of all students. Students who write a thesis may have a portion of the comprehensive examination waived.

All students in the program will be expected to complete the following required graduate courses:

  • Math 5331 (Real Variables)
  • Math 5351 (Complex Variables)
  • Stat 5380 (Mathematical Statistics I)

For the most current information on degrees offered and their requirements, please visit the Mathematical Sciences section of UTEP's Graduate Catalog.

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