Master of Arts in Teaching

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a major in Mathematics is available in both a thesis (recommended) and a non-thesis option. The thesis option requires 24 hours of course work plus the completion of a six-semester hour thesis in Mathematics Education, while the non-thesis option requires 36 hours of coursework. A maximum of nine of these hours may be taken from specified 3300 and 4000 level courses.

Each student must have his or her courses approved by the Graduate Advisor in order to ensure adequate breadth of courses in the mathematical sciences.

Suggestions for a study plan:

  • At most 9 hours Undergraduate Courses.
  • Thesis option: At least 15 graduate hours plus 6 hours of thesis work (a total of 30 credit hours)
  • Non-thesis option: At least 27 graduate hours (a total of 36 credit hours)
  • Required graduate courses: MATM 5360 & MATM 5365
  • Suggested graduate courses: MATH 5370, MATM 5361, MATM 5364, MTED 5326

For the most current information on degrees offered and their requirements, please visit the Mathematical Sciences section of UTEP's Graduate Catalog.

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