Precalculus Workshops

  1. Students will meet for two hours either on Wednesday or Friday. (2 sections of pre-calculus will combine to form one 90-students workshop)
  2. Students will place homework questions they would like to see worked out by the TA on the desk when they walk into class. TAs will work them out on board.
  3. Grade for Workshops is dependent on attendance, participation and homework completed in class.
  4. Students will be asked to bring laptops/tablets which support WebAssign so they can work on homework while in the lab.
  5. Groups of 3 5 students will work on problems and present solutions to class on board.
    • Students will have 3 to 5 problems from the weeks lecture to work on before they enter the workshop. This is part of attendance grade.
    • First weeks problems will be provided in lecture and posted on Facebook.
    • Regular week problems will be posted on Facebook and given to students in previous workshops.
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