Mathematics for Social Sciences

Summer 2017

The online section is being done entirely on WebAssign. See Mrs.Nada Al-Hanna's website for more information.  

August Test-Out Exam

  • There will be a comprehensive Webassign test-out exam that you may take on Wednesday August 9th at 9:30AM in the library room 204A.   It will be available for any student who received a D or an F in Math 1320 in the spring and summer 2017 semesters. You do not have to register for this test-out exam, just show up 15 minutes before 9:30AM on August 9th.
  • You will be provided with a formula sheet on the test-out exam.


    Math 1320 is a precalculus course for liberal arts, business, and other non-science majors. The topics covered include:

    • Linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions;
    • Systems of linear equations;
    • Matrix algebra;
    • The mathematics of finance;
    • The algebra of sets; and
    • Probability.

    Students are strongly encouraged to study the course objectives (see link on the left,) since mastering these objectives will ensure a successful completion of the course.

    Information for Faculty

    WebAssign Quick Start
    WebAssign Tech Support

    Math 1320 Coordinator

    Nada Al-Hanna

  • Office: Bell Hall 325
  • Phone: 747-8898
  • Email:

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