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Math 1411 (Calculus) is a freshman level course, and thus is subject to the following conditions when a student retakes it:

  1. Repetition of UTEP freshman level courses (1XXX): If a grade of "A","B", "C", "D", or "F" is earned when the course is repeated for the first time, the previously earned grade is automatically excluded from the GPA calculation. Both grades earned remain on the academic record and the record will be annotated with the symbol (E-Excluded) next to the first grade. The last grade earned is the official grade for a course.
  2. Repetition of UTEP freshman level courses (1XXX) after the first time and repetition of non-freshman level course (2XXX, 3XXX, 4XXX): All grades earned remain on the academic record and are included in the GPA calculation. Exceptional circumstances may be reviewed by the studentís academic dean in consultation with the appropriate faculty member. Grade replacement and GPA recalculation may not occur after graduation.
  3. A course grade received as a result of disciplinary action from the Dean of Students is not eligible for grade replacement for GPA recalculation. The record will be annotated with the symbol (D) next to the grade.
  4. UTEP students are cautioned that under no circumstances may a course taken at this institution and repeated at another college or university be eligible for GPA recalculation, even if the student is involved in first-time repetition of a freshman-level course (1XXX). Courses transferred to UTEP are not calculated in a studentís GPA.

Grade Calculation

Refer to your course syllabus.

Retake Exams

  • Retake exams will be offered in the Library one week after each of the first three exams.
  • If you did not achieve a passing grade (A, B or C) for this course, a test out exam will be offered at the end of the winter- or may-mester.
  • Each retake exam is a timed 2 hours 20 problem exam.

Student Email Accounts

  • All Math1411 students are required to have UTEP email accounts by the end of the first week of school.

Books and Calculators

  • The course text is Calculus, Tenth Edition by Larson.
  • (A scientific calculator is required for this course. Graphing calculators cannot be used for in class quizzes, exams and retake exams.

Office Hours

  • All the Math 1411 instructors are your instructors: you may go to any of them for help. You may visit their offices, telephone them, or email them. Their office locations, office hours, telephone numbers, and email addresses are posted online

Switching Classes

  • Students are not allowed to switch sections during the semester.


  • Contact the program director Julian Viera in Bell Hall 117, call him at 747-6770, or email him at
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