Interactive Online Modules for Matrix Algebra and Linear Algebra

Matrix Operations

Matrix Operations Module (Java)

Sample Investigation:

Matrix Product

Other Topics that Can Be Covered Using this Module:

  • Matrix Product
  • Singular Matrix
  • Non-singular Matrix
  • Inverse of a Matrix
  • Properties of Matrix Operations
  • Matrix Equation
  • Solving Matrix Equation
  • Identity Matrix
  • Symmetric Matrix
  • Transpose of a Matrix

Module Description

This module was developed using Geometer's SketchPad (GSP), and provides graphical representation of matrices in R2.

This module is designed to show matrices and the resultant matrices (of matrix operations) from a geometric perspective.

Matrices are formed by dragging the points P, Q and R, S respectively. The resulting matrices from multiplying two matrices are displayed in gray and brown colors.

The "Reset" button changes both matrices to the identity matrix.

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