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Since 1988, Lesserís teaching (in Colorado, Georgia, and Texas) has been enhanced by experiences as a state agency statistician, full-time high school math teacher, and university-wide teaching center director.Since 2004, heís been at UTEP (an R1 university on the US-Mexico border) where he is Professor (of Mathematics Education) in the Mathematical Sciences Department and recently named a UTEP Distinguished Teaching Professor. His statistics/math education interests include language/culture/equity, engagement, teacher education, misconceptions, and intuition. His research/scholarship includes textbooks and over 100* peer-reviewed (mostly first-author) papers and has led to the Faculty Award for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (given at the 2012 Intíl Sun Conference on Teaching and Learning), service on 5 (inter)national research or editorial boards (e.g., a founding editor of TEEM and has also served three 3-year terms as associate editor of JSE or the assistant editor of SERJ, the top two journals in statistics education) and on elected/appointed offices/committees in national organizations (e.g., NCTM, ASA, CAUSE), and over a half-million dollars in external funding (e.g., 2012-16 and 2015-present NSF grants for which he is the PI at UTEP). Seeking to make statistics/mathematics more accessible, meaningful, and engaging, his teaching innovations have led to textbook co-authorship (e.g., COMAP math-for-liberal-arts text FAPP), invited plenary presentations at regional/national conferences (MAA, USCOTS, NCTM, etc.), radio/TV appearances, and recognitions including the 2010 Distinguished Teaching of Mathematics Award from the MAAís Southwestern Section, a 2011 Regentsí Outstanding Teaching Award from the University of Texas System (comprising 9 universities and 10,000+ faculty; based on multi-level reviews of 150-page dossier), a 2016 Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award (given to only 10 professors out of all 150+ 2- and 4-year colleges in Texas combined; UTEP has had only 13 prior winners in its history), and a score of awards in recent national education contests (e.g., NSF, MoMath, ASA, CAUSE, SIGMAA-QL). Also, his passions of poetry and songwriting have yielded 120+ published discipline-related poems/songs.

*around 500, if including shorter/internally-reviewed curriculum features, papers in edited conference proceedings, letters to the editor, book reviews, archived webinars, poems, lyrics, videos, etc.
















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